A business model essential for the future

Having own areas of expertise, such as fuel, agriculture, and industry, and utilizing the knowledge and know-hows accumulated in each field, we are working together to develop a new energy source using biomass and electromagnetic waves. As the prices of many things continue to rise, the value of energy, the source of everything, is soaring even higher. We want to reduce as much as possible the number of people who suffer from it. Securing of energy that does not depend on resources is what is necessary to continue to generate constant energy value without being affected by the global situation. Energy is essential in every field. That is why we cannot afford to compromise. We will create various possibilities by earnestly continuing to face the development of energy.


Message From The Representative

I have been engaged in research and development of energy conservation for nearly 30 years.
I have been able to build up my career to this day thanks to the relationship and connections I have had with people and the environment I was blessed to have.
The electromagnetic wave energy that I had discovered and invented has become a development technology product that I had never imagined.
I can assure you that, if material energy is material consumption energy such as coal and petroleum, the core technology of this invention patent is non-material energy.
If the applied technology can help with global environmental and food issues in various industries and business sectors, I cannot be more grateful for this as it is the greatest blessing of my life.

October 24, 2022


Representative Kaoru Uno

Representative Kaoru Uno

Executive Officer/In charge of Agriculture
Toshihiko Yamana


Director/In charge of Domestic Liaison
Yasuo Arafuka


Realize together, Move Forward Together, Succeed Together

Today, in addition to environmental destruction, the world is facing many issues such as unstoppable global warming and war. Solving them immediately is difficult, so we must do what we can little by little. We launched “OILLESS ENERGY” with hopes that we can be a part of this accumulation.

OILLESS ENERGY was started by a group of business executives from different expertise wondering what can be done for the next-generation energy. Several years ago, led by Mr. Uno, an expert in energy, we began the development of “electromagnetic wave energy” and “biomass energy”, what would become the next-generation energy,

We independently researched and succeeded in developing a mechanism that generates heat using electromagnetic wave energy, such as container bath units and EP heating systems that are expected to be used in times of disasters. This convinced us that “electromagnetic wave energy” and “biomass energy” are the next-generation energies with the potential for further breakthroughs.

The reason why our lives are so convenient and comfortable today is because of the people who have continued to take on challenges without giving up. Rather than thinking that someone else will do it for us, we wanted to take on the challenge ourselves and make it a reality with our own hands. We hope that OILLESS ENERGY would contribute to the further development of the world through next-generation energies, “electromagnetic wave energy” and “biomass energy”.

Revolutionize the world
with the third energy.
That is the mission.

We each have specialized expertise such as fuel, agriculture, and industry, and are developing together a new energy while utilizing the knowledge and know-hows we have accumulated in each or those fields. Because energy is necessary in every field, we are working earnestly to develop a new energy source.

Past Records

pdfダウンロード Verification report on the demonstration of onshore aquaculture of Vannamei shrimps at Kushimoto fishing port by OILLESS ENERGY system
pdfダウンロード OILLESS ENERGY heat quantity transition demonstration verification report1
pdfダウンロード OILLESS ENERGY heat quantity transition demonstration verification report2
pdfダウンロード OILLESS ENERGY heat quantity transition demonstration verification report3
pdfダウンロード Oilless electromagnetic wave energy demonstration verification report

Company Profile
Representative/th> CEO Kaoru Uno
Address Headquarters/Laboratory
677-1 Nishikawabe, Ichikawacho
Kanzakigun, Hyogo 679-2315
Capital Stock 20,000,000yen
(as of September 20, 2023)
Business Description
  1. Development, manufacture, and sales of renewable energy equipment
  2. Development, manufacture, and sales of environment improving equipment
  3. Power generation business using natural energy, management and operation of related facilities
  4. Sales of carbon dioxide reduction equipment and business related to carbon dioxide emission allowances (carbon credits)
  5. Research, development, provision of technology, and consulting for new technologies related to energy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, information communications, custom maintenance, etc.
  6. Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of power generation equipment and related products using renewable energy
Established January 6, 2020
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Rokko Island Branch
Affiliated Companies Eco Prana Co. Ltds.