Fossil fuels are said to be limited, but when will that limit come? No one knows. That is why the demand for “biomass fuel” to replace fossil fuels is rapidly increasing. In other words, the world is steadily moving toward the development of new energy. The EU has declared that 10% of transport fuels will be biofuels by 2020 and 32% by 2030. In the new era of energy that is about to begin, the clean energy business which efficiently utilizes organic resources and provides a stable energy supply is a business model that will become indispensable for the future.

The Alliance Agreement

Realize together, Move Forward Together, Succeed Together

OILLESS ENERGY is taking on the challenge of creating a new form of energy that will support the next generation and contribute to solving the world’s energy issues. Experts from various fields conduct research daily to develop the technology for next-generation energy and equipment for practical use. Each having specialized in fields such as fuel, agriculture, and industry, we are jointly developing new energy by utilizing the knowledge and know-hows we have accumulated in each of these fields. We are looking for companies that will support us as business to develop the energy of the new era.

Selected by ESG criteria

ESG, a new criterion for corporate judgment, is attracting attention. Until now, the important factors in judging a company had been numerical performance and financial conditions. However, it has become clear that the long-term growth of a company is affected by its efforts to address to environmental and social issues. As a result, the importance of ESG is beginning to be recognized not only for the current financial situation, but also for the future value of a company.

What is ESG?

Environment Whether measures to address environmental issues such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving water pollution caused by wastewater are being taken.
Social Whether human rights measures such as appropriate working conditions and gender equality are being taken.
Governance Whether the company is managing risks by avoiding misconduct that could directly lead to deterioration of business performance.

Based on the above three points, we are confident that OILLESS ENERGY is a necessary company for the future