OILLESS ENERGY is seeking energy that does not rely on the Earth’s resources and is inventing various next-generation energies. We would like to show you some of the achievements we have made so far and the system that will be the next-generation energy.


Facilities Using OILLESS ENERGY

Our independently developed heating system efficiently heats liquids and is capable of heating water to 100°C and special solutions to 200°C. It is a clean and safe heating system that does not use fossil fuels nor emit carbon dioxide, realizing “decarbonization”. Constant temperature is maintained by the thermostat consistently, taking advantage of the characteristics of the heated liquid which does not cool easily, thus minimizing the energy required to reheat the liquid. Heating systems are already being used in many areas such as spas and aquaculture facilities.

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Air Conditioning System

Nowadays companies are being urged to save electricity. Many methods to save electricity are likely to reduce work efficiency, such as being forced to work in dimly lit areas and setting air conditioning temperatures that are not very comfortable. The air-conditioning system developed by OILLESS ENERGY is an air-cooling system that uses cold fluid such as groundwater. Groundwater is kept at a constant temperature of 15-17°C throughout the year. By using that constant temperature for air conditioning, it becomes possible to provide companies with oil-free air conditioning.

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Container Bath Unit

The bath unit, equipped with a unique EP boiler-free heating system that can maintain a temperatures up to 200°C using elementary particle energy generated by high-pressure pumps and special pipes, can secure thermal energy without oil. It can be powered by solar panels on the top of the container, eliminating external power supply or fuel. It also has filtration and water purification system for the bath unit. Therefore, even in the event of a water supply or electricity outage, wastewater can be purified, circulated, and reused, ideal for use in disasters and other emergencies.

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Water Quality Water Temperature

Just as us humans have a “proper temperature” at which feel comfortable, fishes also have a “water temperature” at which they are comfortable. Did you know that proper temperature control of aquaculture tanks can change the growth rate of the fishes? The water heated by the oilless system becomes active water with special properties. It eliminates stress of the cultured fishes and promotes healthy growth. We bring you new aquaculture technology that produces optimal water quality and water temperature with minimal energy and maximizes effectiveness. OILLESS ENERGY is revolutionizing the aquaculture industry with its water temperature management systems.

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Now And For The Future
Creation Of Next-Generation Energy
That Does Not Rely On Exhaustible Resources

Until now, humankind have made great progress by utilizing the resources available on earth. However, those resources are said to be exhaustible, maybe not right now, but we want to be sure our children, and even their children, have a bright future when they grow up. Our goal is to “create and effectively use energy that does not rely on exhaustible resources”. We, OILLESS ENERGY, are willing to do the best we can today, looking far into the future.

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