For the Future Earth

“Decarbonization” continues to be a major issue in the future of energy. This has led to expectations for the development of various types of energy, such as natural energy and biomass energy. OILLESS ENERGY, as the company name implies, is researching and developing a business model that utilizes “electromagnetic wave energy”, an energy source that does not use oil. Based on our own research, we have succeeded in creating heat energy driven by electromagnetic wave energy without emitting carbon dioxide.
Changing the future with energy that can be create by the people for the people and not rely on limited resources that may one day run out.
Taking the first step to make dreams come true so it does not end as just dreams.
For the “future” of earth, we must do what we can do “now” a step at a time.
Now is the time to start.


For the sake of the earth and for the sake of the future, there are now various types of circulating energy. At the moment we do not know now which one is the correct answer. That is why we must do everything we can. That is the energy plan of OILLESS ENERGY. A future worth the challenge awaits.

Thermal Energy Emission System
A System That Does Not
Require Power Supplies
And Can Be Used In Time Of Disasters

Core technology system chart

The bath unit, equipped with a unique EP boiler-free heating system that can maintain temperatures of up to 200°C by the elementary particle energy produced by high-pressure pumps and special pipes, can secure thermal energy without using any oil. It can run on electricity supplied by solar panels on the top of the container, eliminating the need for external power supply or fuel. In addition, it is equipped with filtration and water purification system. Therefore, even in the event of a water or electricity outage, the bath unit is able to purify and circulate wastewater, making it ideal for use in disasters and other emergencies.

A Clean Heating System
Realizing a New Era Of Decarbonization

Core technology system chart

Our independently developed heating system efficiently heats liquids and is capable of heating water to 100°C and special solutions to 200°C. It is a clean and safe heating system that does not use fossil fuels nor emit carbon dioxide, realizing “decarbonization”. Constant temperature is maintained by the thermostat consistently, taking advantage of the characteristics of the heated liquid which does not cool easily, thus minimizing the energy required to reheat the liquid.