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Agriculture Department Union Member Introduction


Introducing the union members of the agriculture sector.

Union Chairman  Yasuo Arafuka           
◆ General Support ◆
Toho Golf Co., Ltd. Representative Director
60 years of trust in golf club manufacturing
Continuing to achieve Rakuten support record number one in Japan
■ Fully support our union’s software and hardware by leveraging the track record and trust we have cultivated through golf club development, manufacture, and sales ■




Energy system support Kaoru Uno         
◆Phoenix CTO◆
Oilless Energy Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Over 20 years of renewable energy research and development
■ By automating the zero CO2 emission electromagnetic calorific device (patented) and nano bubble oxygen supply (patented) system, we support increasing productivity at low running costs for land-based aquaculture and hydroponic cultivation, from small to large facilities. ■




Doctor of Engineering Dr. Hirohisa Hiraki 
◆Science and technology research/industry-academia collaboration◆
Former Osaka University Associate Professor, Bioscience Research
Comprehensive support through scientific biological verification
■ Based on our track record of basic research at Osaka University, development at major companies, participation in national projects, commercialization of technology venture companies, etc., we provide support based on scientific considerations for all users’ technical problems. ■




Doctor of Science Dr. Akio Hiraki             
◆System recommendation/recommended◆
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Professor Emeritus, Kochi University of Technology




Construction/Maintenance Yoshihiro Arimoto 
◆Plant construction nationwide◆
Arimoto Plant Industries Co., Ltd. Representative Director
48 years of power plant related equipment construction experience
■ We provide a stable supply of nationwide plant installations and water purification material (bamboo charcoal) production from small to large facilities.■




Hydroponics/root heat farming support Toshihiko Yamana 
◆Hydroponic cultivation system◆
Daiei Work Co., Ltd. Vice President
25 years of fertilizer feed development, manufacturing and sales experience
■ We kindly and carefully provide nationwide support and advice on organic feed and fertilizers (patented) for hydroponic cultivation and root heat farming ■