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Oilless heating system explanatory video released


Oilless heating system

Commentary by the developer (Kaoru Uno) using a hot spring facility as an example

Oilless heating system <5:28>
・Comparison with existing technology
・What is Oilless Heating System ?
・What is the difference from an electric heat pump ?
・Developer (CEO) commentary
     Impetus for establishing the company
     Thoughts on establishing the company
     What is an oilless heating system ?
     Advantages of Oilless Heating System
     What is temperature equalization technology ?
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Existing hot spring facility  Current heating system

Necessary amount of heat supplied      225,000kcal/h
fuel                                                        Natural gas (LNG) + electricity
running cost                                          ¥500,000 to ¥600,000/month
                                                           (LNG usage fee only, electricity fee not included)

EP Oilless Heating System

Necessary amount of heat supplied      9,000kcal/h
fuel                                                         electricity
running cost                                           ¥159,000/month
                                                            (Electricity bill only)


Q:What is Oilless Heating System ?
A:This is a technology that uses electricity to control temperature without the use of any fossil fuels.
Therefore, unlike gas boilers, there is no CO2 emissions.
While it is easy to control temperature and is extremely safe and economical for aquaculture and hot spring pools, it is not possible to raise the temperature as rapidly as gas boilers and the like.


Q:What is the difference from an electric heat pump (storage hot water using electricity)?
A:By heating with a high-temperature solution (high-temperature solution heating type), the thermal efficiency is expected to be approximately 1.6 times that of conventional electric heat pumps.


Impetus for establishing the company

I have been doing energy research and development for 30 years.
About ten years ago, I began to think about special energy.
I thought it might be an interesting energy , and that is what led me to create Oilless Energy Co., Ltd.
About seven years ago, I became convinced and about three years ago, I decided to make this my core technology by creating Oilless Energy Co., Ltd.


Thoughts on establishing the company

I always want to challenge new things.


What is an oilless heating system ?

An oilless heating system originally converts shock wave energy into thermal energy.
Shock wave energy is difficult for ordinary people to understand, but the energy that is emitted when substances collide with each other, and the energy that does not cause substances to disappear is called shock wave energy. I devised a method to directly take the energy that came out at that time. That’s what an oilless heating system is all about.


Advantages of Oilless Heating System

The substance does not disappear, it does not consume.
The most important advantage is that it does not disappear like petroleum.
First of all, the strength is that it does not use oil, does not use thermal power, and does not emit CO2.
Next, the cost can be reduced by nearly half compared to power generation fuel.
I think everyone knows about petroleum energy and fossil fuel energy.
This energy is the most central energy.
Renewable energy is energy such as wind power, solar power, and hydro power.
This is the energy that can be generated by natural conditions.
This chooses a place and chooses a condition.
I am proud to say that I developed oil-less heating as a non-material energy.
Energy that does not choose a place and does not disappear.
Therefore, matter does not disappear.
The strength of this oil-less heating is that it can be produced anywhere, for example, at Mt. Fuji or Antarctica, whenever you need energy.


What is temperature equalization technology ?
Regarding temperature, since it is a digital technology, the technology that can maintain the temperature in units of 1°C, 2°C, and 3°C is the uniform temperature technology.
This is a technology that cannot be realized with firepower.