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The recommendation letter of Professor Emeritus Akio Hiraki (Doctor of Science) of Osaka University has been published.


Doctor of Science Akio Hiraki (Professor Emeritus of Osaka University) contributed a recommendation letter for the oilless system.

■ Professor Akio Hiraki Career History ■
1959 Osaka University Assistant
1963 Doctor of Science
1964 Lecturer at Osaka University
1966 Visiting researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
1969 Associate Professor, Osaka University
1970 Visiting Professor, California Institute of Technology, USA
1985 Professor, Osaka University
1996 Professor Emeritus of Osaka University
1996 Kochi University of Technology Establishment Preparation Committee (Counsellor)
1997 Professor, Kochi University of Technology
2008 Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University
2008 Professor Emeritus, Kochi University of Technology
2010 Invited professor at Osaka University


Professor Emeritus Akio Hiraki and our company President Uno


2023.7.18 Photographed